Tony Mandarich is an NFL veteran, recovered addict, and a person trying to make a positive difference in the world each day. He experienced incredible highs on the way to being the number two pick in the 1989 NFL draft. He then experienced extreme lows fighting an addiction to drugs and alcohol and dealing with the loss of his brother. However, his story doesn't end there, and it will inspire viewers that nothing is impossible.

Deji Olatoye is an NFL veteran, NFC Champion, Super Bowl LI participant. His fight for opportunities in professional football will motivate you to tackle any challenge you find in your own life.

Lauren Barnes is a defender for the OL Reign, the Seattle team in the NWSL. She has showed amazing resolve and growth over an eight year soccer career. Her story will inspire you to stick with the things in life that you are passionate about.

LaVonne Idlette has an intense desire to prove herself against the very best in the world. After learning how to train and prepare at an elite level, she competed as a professional track athlete in the London Olympics in 2012 as a hurdler. Her story will inspire you to dig deep within yourself and reach for your own peak performance.

Keith Marshall had one dream from the time he was little, to play RB in the NFL like his dad. Marshall had the speed and talent to be a star, but he battled injuries from a young age. He starred with the Georgia Bulldogs and realized his NFL dream with the Washington Redskins. Hear the story of how Marshall beat the odds.

The very first time Mike Haynes played organized football it was at his junior college tryout. He aced that day and then went on to star for the Falcons and Saints in the NFL. Haynes played 10 seasons and caught 47 TD passes.

Listen to the story of how Haynes made it from the projects of New Orleans to the NFL.

We chronicle the journey of eight year NFL veteran Andre Fluellen from his youth in Georgia to the League. We detail the challenges he faced to beat the odds and get drafted in 2008 by the Detroit Lions. Everyone will be able to find their own inspiration in Fluellen's story.

We are pleased to introduce our new podcast - Beat The Odds.  On this show, we will tell you about the amazing people that have Beat The Odds to make it at the highest level of professional sports.

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